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Cleaning out the studio!

After I started school, I’ve been away from working in my studio for far too long.  Junk piled up, and my work table became a pile of unused clutter and a place to sort laundry.  But- with a few days free, I cleaned it up!

And found I was ready to get back to making some art! 2014-08-03 12.51.40





At Play

sketches on my workbenchI’m playing- experimenting with collage, drawing,  and dyeing on silk chiffon.  It’s GREAT… though I don’t know where this is leading me…Stitching  as a drawing line

paper and fiber sketches

fiber sketches

Painting and Drawing on Silk Chiffon

Silk dye drawing level of transparencyI’ve  started experimenting on silk chiffon.  Wow- what a great fabric. Soft, strong, and it takes the dye great.   I started the underdrawing with my silk dyes, dried out so the lines would stay, and also used magic sizing on the chiffon.  Dyes  being prepped

Here the dyes are drying a bit- when the water evaporates almost all the way it works great for delicate lines and brushwork.

The drawing worked wonderfully on the magic-sizing prepped chiffon. silk chiffon in dye processAfter steam setting the drawing, I painted it as well, again with the silk dyes and magic sizing.   The chiffon works great- the colors spring out vivid, and the details very sharp.    Day Lillies on silk chiffon

And the transparency- it fascinates me.  I love the chiffon with just the drawing, and then again with the painting effect.  Day Lillies painting on chiffon level of transparency

I’m linking up to Nina-Marie Sayre’s Off the Wall Friday– check it out!


Wordless Wednesday

Chimney Rock View

Winter Tree Series- Three Completed

Following last week’s setbacks, it was hard to tell how close these paintings were to completion.  A few  more steps on each, and I called them done.
Winter Tree Series- Orange SkyWinter Tree Series- Grey EveningWinter Tree Series- Yellow Sky


I’m linking up to Nina Marie Sayer’s Off the Wall Friday here.  I am ready to check it out for my weekly inspiration!

Setback! New Steamer isn’t so great….

Silk bundle inside steamerI’ve used this steamer for years- it is coated in teflon, and the inside bottom is scratched and therefore compromised, so I took it from kitchen use and devoted it to studio use.    However, if you let teflon pans boil dry they can release a toxic fume.  Well, I let this one boil dry- it did smell TERRIBLE and I think it made some smoke.  I quickly aired out the house, but decided then and there to get another steamer.

Here’s the new one!  But- I found it doesn’t work as easily as my old one!  And… found out the hard way…

New SteamerAfter steaming my three Winter Tree Series paintings , I found that I had areas that washed out, faded areas, fugitive dyes,and  dye transfers.  Wow.  I rarely had any of these problems before.

I think that the new steamer has more problems with condensation- and also the lighter inside of the pot may not keep the environment as hot.  I’m working now to save these paintings…



Hand Stitching -Progress Begins on Silk Quilt

Hand Stitching begun on silk quiltAfter a redesign of some areas on my silk quilt, I have begun hand stitching.  Momentum begins!   While stumbling forward with no plan in place,   I am starting to invent a bit of a visual vocabulary.  Detail of stippling stitchesSilk quilt in processSome sense of motion and coherence are starting to appear in this quilt- it has been a long time coming.  I particularly like the stippling effect on the black silk- I plan to continue that in the black areas, while opening up the line in other spaces.   I have linked up with Nina Marie Sayre’s Off the Wall Friday; check out the fabulous textile art there…