Bridal Gown for Minnie Mouse

My most favorite project recently involved creating a bridal gown for a celebrity- Minnie Mouse!  I loved creating this gown…Minnie's crinoline and bustle here is her bustle and crinoline I created.

Minnie's bustle under creation


At A Crossroads…

At  a crossroads…to be at a point where two or more roads meet. a point of decision or a critical juncture.  And consider…Overlap, convergence, intersection…

I have found myself in school again after many years.  It is a privilege and a pleasure. Now my identity as an artist is undergoing deep change.  And my silk work is as well.  I truly don’t know where this road will lead…

I believe there is meaning in the work itself.  So- I am continuing to practice.  Here is a beginning in a series of daily meditations on silk.    Meditation on silk

The Scary Next Step…

Stretching the quilt backing onto the kitchen floor, then taping it, is a process in itself!  But my quilt day had just begun! 

Next there was placing down the batting and then pinning the quilt  top to it.

Stretcing the quilt and batting

 I am so HOPEFUL that I will like the results… but as this is my first time trying to machine stitch a quilt, I am not sure about this!

I am linking up with Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday.  I need the help of these experts!

At Play

sketches on my workbenchI’m playing- experimenting with collage, drawing,  and dyeing on silk chiffon.  It’s GREAT… though I don’t know where this is leading me…Stitching  as a drawing line

paper and fiber sketches

fiber sketches

Painting and Drawing on Silk Chiffon

Silk dye drawing level of transparencyI’ve  started experimenting on silk chiffon.  Wow- what a great fabric. Soft, strong, and it takes the dye great.   I started the underdrawing with my silk dyes, dried out so the lines would stay, and also used magic sizing on the chiffon.  Dyes  being prepped

Here the dyes are drying a bit- when the water evaporates almost all the way it works great for delicate lines and brushwork.

The drawing worked wonderfully on the magic-sizing prepped chiffon. silk chiffon in dye processAfter steam setting the drawing, I painted it as well, again with the silk dyes and magic sizing.   The chiffon works great- the colors spring out vivid, and the details very sharp.    Day Lillies on silk chiffon

And the transparency- it fascinates me.  I love the chiffon with just the drawing, and then again with the painting effect.  Day Lillies painting on chiffon level of transparency

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Wordless Wednesday


Beginnings…. Journey- Works In Costume

Puzzling over linguistics…

I say often that silk is my media… sometimes I say I work in textiles.  I have begun some works now, and want to say that my media is COSTUME.

Meaning garments that refer to fashion history and all it’s meanings- but also, a work of art, one that might portray reality or not, one that might have layers of meaning or observation like a drawing or a textile work. 

There are so many artists working with clothing in this way- but how to describe it? Succinctly- as a category, the way a media is a category…

Cartridge pleating on garment

Cartridge pleating on garment